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I am actually a decent cook, but don’t tell anyone or they’ll expect it every time.

Coffee Smoothie/ Frappe Recipe

I love frappuccinos, coolattas, latte freezes, whatever McDonald’s calls their frappe…. but I am in no way paying $4+ a drink. I also find a lot of those are too sweet and rich (I usually drink black, unsweetened coffee). Now, I just make my own.


in a blender, add 8 oz. milk (whole or 2% work better than skim)

1 1/2 teaspoons instant coffee (you can use decaf)

add ice to just below the 16 ounce mark in the blender


Serves: 2, 8 ounce servings… or 1, 16 ounce

If you like sweeter coffee, try adding-

chocolate syrup

vanilla extract

Oreo cookies

chocolate chips

splenda, or sugar-free syrup

or, just use flavored instant coffee.

You can top these with whipped cream and fancy sprinkles and whatnot…. when the temperature rises, these are the perfect way to cool off.


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Simple Meal, Phenomenal Picture

I cook almost every night, but I never take a picture….. except now.

My friends always post awesome pictures of their food on Facebook. I have to keep up with the Joneses LOL

This is rice and vegetables (carrots, corn, broccoli and Lima beans)  over baby spinach and tomato salad. I cooked the chicken on my ever-trusty George Foreman grill and seasoned with Goya Sazon.

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Iced Coffee Recipes- Summer is Officially Here

Anyone who knows me has seen me drink coffee… usually boiling hot and black. It has to be ridiculously hot out for me to consider icing my coffee.

It has reached that temperature in Brooklyn.

So I am going to share a recipe with you… one that will save you lots of hard-earned cash (so you can spend it on cute shoes or crafting supplies instead).

Iced Coffee Recipe-

6 cup pitcher

3 cups of water

2 cups of cold water


enough ground coffee to brew 12 cups of coffee

coffeemaker (or coffee press)

Brew the 3 cups of water and the ground coffee. Pour the cold water into your pitcher and add the brewed cofee. Top it off with ice.

Ahh, now the fancy-schmancy coffees you can make using this iced coffee base…. here’s where the coffeehouse really makes the money LOL

Iced Mocha-

add 1/2 cup iced coffee base, 1/2 cup milk and some chocolate syrup. Stir. Top with whipped cream if you’d like.

Variations- add a little mint extract for a Mint Mocha.

Iced Macchiatto-

Macchiatto means ‘stained’ in Italian. The secret to this drink is not stirring it, so the coffee ‘marks’ the top of the milk. Add 3/4 cup milk and add some ice. Top off with a bit of iced coffee base. You can drizzle chocolate syrup or caramel ice-cream topping on top of the drink.

Why not make coffee-flavored Cool Whip for your drinks? Add a 1/2 teaspoon of milk to some instant coffee granules, and mix well. Mix in some Cool Whip.

You can cut fat in your drink by using skim milk, or use a flavored or decaffeinated coffee.



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Simple Party Dip Recipes


4 Mexican (small) or 2 Caribbean (large) ripe avocados

1 small red onion (more to taste)

6 pieces of cilantro (coriander), chopped

2 medium tomatoes, chopped

lemon, salt, milk

mix avocado in a bowl (if avocado isn’t super-ripe, add a drop of milk), add a pinch of salt, and a squirt of lemon to keep guacamole from browning. Mix in the rest of the ingredients. Serve chilled.

*To find a ripe avocado, squeeze it. It should yield slightly, but not be too mushy.


2 cans of chick peas, drained and rinsed

olive oil

garlic cloves to taste

pour chick peas into a blender or food processor, and mix with a garlic clove, and a drizzle of olive oil. Serve room temperature or chilled.

*You can substitute the garlic for some olives, sun-dried tomatoes, or roasted red pepper.

Tasty Dip by Jon-

1 bar of cream cheese

1 small can of refried beans (he uses Vegetarian beans)

1 (8 oz.) brick of cheddar cheese, sliced

layer cream cheese at the bottom of a microwave safe bowl, then add a layer of beans and a layer of cheese slices. Nuke until cheese melts. Serve hot.

*Jon is my boyfriend. This dip is almost as awesome as he is.

You can serve these dips with corn chips, pita bread, vegetables, or crackers.

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