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Mom ‘Flips’ This Dollhouse- Remodelling

This was my childhood dollhouse, and it was in a sad state.

My mom, who gave me my love of crafting, and who also watches too many home redecorating shows… decided to remodel the dollhouse.


after. The wood plank floors were wooden placemats my mother found at some closeout store. She meticulously took apart the place mat, and laid the floor plank by plank.  The fireplace is real marble, leftover on my boyfriend’s construction site. Jon cut the fireplace for the dollhouse. Mind you, it’s the same couch and chair set in both pictures.

the kitchen, in a ‘before’ picture. It actually wasn’t awful, but I think Mom just got tired of looking at it (her kitchen had the same floor in real life too).

A much nicer floor… again, the placemats. I love my mother, because only crafters appreciates the time that took LOL.

a close-up of the new dining room floor inlay. My mother remodeled when it was difficult to find nice scrapbook paper, so she ordered dollhouse wallpaper, and trimmed it all to make two-toned walls.

here, you can see the light is on upstairs but nobody’s home…

This is the exterior of the finished house. There is a garden on ground-level, and two decks/ patios upstairs… plus two porches.

If I could shrink, I’d live there.


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