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Even Dogs Blog Nowadays

I came across this blog through Etsy’s forums. Etsy is a website specializing in handmade goods, vintage materials, and craft supplies. I thought I had seen everything on Etsy… then I found this blog written by Wickett.

Written by a schnauzer with a fantastic wardrobe, this is also a fantastic mini-mall for your favorite Fido. Handmade collars, hats, pajamas and (coming soon) tutus, are available at great prices… and all for dogs! It’s a family friendly blog which also includes fun facts about dogs.

Anyone know if cats are blogging? 🙂


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A Fang-tastic Card, and a Fantastic Blog

This is a blog you have to see! Carrie makes adorable cards, like this one, inspired by Twilight:

OK, I was torn between Vampires and Werewolves- who’s hotter? I think that card leaves the score at Vampires- 1,000…. Werewolves- 0

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Other Blogs You Might Enjoy

Remember the expression ‘it’s only fair if you share’? I belong to a wonderful online stamping group, through which I have met some very talented people with some awesome blogs.

I’ve enjoyed looking through both blogs, and hope you do as well.

Heidi makes beautiful cards, and also made an altered mini-mailbox that would be a great gift. She uses her Cricut in ways that amaze me… and inspire me.

Jennipher has many card sketches up on her blog, as well as a stunning layout done in bright oranges. The layout almost makes me want to swim with jellyfish. I said almost. This site has more wonderful cards in it than Hallmark!

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