Finding Cheap Scrapbook Supplies on eBay

Scrapbooking can be a very expensive hobby. Paper, adhesives, stickers… it really adds up. That is why shopping on eBay can net you great deals on your supplies.
Try searching for ‘lots’. Sometimes a Lot may be in a theme, like Baby Girl or Easter. Sometimes it will be a Lot of one particular brand, like EK Success or My Mind’s Eye. Sometimes a Lot will even have multiple of the same exact item in it. Ask yourself “What am I looking for?” If a Lot has identical items, consider selling them on eBay yourself, or trade with a friend. In fact, any Lot items you can’t use, sell or trade. Someone can use them.
Chances are, if you are just getting started, you don’t even know what you need. A lot that has papers and coordinating trims and embellishments may be all you need to create an entire book, or at least several pages. Look for generic colors and styles that fit the ‘feel’ of your book for . A summer vacation book would look nice in bright colors, Winter could be blues and greys, Fall would be yellow, red and orange….
A typical Lot auction will list items individually, as well as use a few pictures, so you know exactly what you are getting. Some Lot auctions will just show a picture and state ‘You receive everything pictured’. I prefer when items are individually listed, because I can estimate a retail price  for the lot.
The best lots are when people clean out their craft area and list items. You can get a ton of stuff (sometimes opened, maybe with one or two stickers missing from the sheet, sometimes brand-new). These people have great lots- papers, tools, embellishments… things they thought they would use but didn’t.
A Lot can typically be shipped in a Flat-Rate box for $11 which includes Delivery Confirmation. Do not be fooled into a high shipping fee. I have seen lots worth $50 sell for $30, with a shipping fee of $17… not much of a deal any more at $47.
Another really nice Lot idea is a Kit. A Kit will contain everything you need to make a particular project. For example, A Paper Bag Album Kit contains the paper bag album, papers (usually cut to fit the album already), stickers, brads, ribbons, embellishments etc. These are already coordinated, you just glue it all together.
I hope this helps. Remember, do your homework- check out original retail prices and seller feedback.
Happy Scrappin’!

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