Werewolf or Vampire? The ‘Twilight’ Quandry

I have never watched any Twilight movies. This is because I like my movies about werewolves and vampires to be…well, creepy.

But, lets say I was in conflict like the girl (Bella) in Twilight. She was dating a vampire, that Robert Pattinson character, and now apparently she has eyes for a werewolf. And let’s just say, you know, that these things actually existed and weren’t imaginary.

Who would I date? OK,

Pros of dating a Vampire-

they dress very well, especially considering they can’t see their reflection

they have the cool ‘Good eeeeeevening’ accent

with age, comes wisdom… some vampires are very, very old (hey, another plus- they can order off the Senior Menu at IHOP)

Cons of dating a Vampire-

I could never eat garlic again. I’d really miss it.

Forget about going to the beach on a date. Ever.

The whole ‘undead’ thing. Ew.

Pros of dating a Werewolf-

They’re only a wolf for one week a month… so it’s like a part-time gig.

Dogs are loyal, smart, protective… maybe Dog-men are also

He could keep my cat in check

Cons of dating a Werewolf-

The obvious- dog breath 😦

Always re-sewing his clothes

He’d probably have long toenails


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