Coffee Smoothie/ Frappe Recipe

I love frappuccinos, coolattas, latte freezes, whatever McDonald’s calls their frappe…. but I am in no way paying $4+ a drink. I also find a lot of those are too sweet and rich (I usually drink black, unsweetened coffee). Now, I just make my own.


in a blender, add 8 oz. milk (whole or 2% work better than skim)

1 1/2 teaspoons instant coffee (you can use decaf)

add ice to just below the 16 ounce mark in the blender


Serves: 2, 8 ounce servings… or 1, 16 ounce

If you like sweeter coffee, try adding-

chocolate syrup

vanilla extract

Oreo cookies

chocolate chips

splenda, or sugar-free syrup

or, just use flavored instant coffee.

You can top these with whipped cream and fancy sprinkles and whatnot…. when the temperature rises, these are the perfect way to cool off.


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