One Stamp, Two Different Card Styles

When I began stamping, I felt like I had to have the perfect stamp for each  project. Many years later, I seek out new looks with the same old favorite images.

The more I look at this little mouse, the more I love him…

Above, I used traditional Christmas colors with a bit of black and pink thrown in, some fuzzy fiber, and a gold star (mini brass stencil used as a charm). Colored pencils give a soft, almost dreamy, feel to the card.

Here, same stamp… different card altogether. I printed my sentiment, and used markers to make this card cheery. I ‘popped up’ the sentiment using foam.

Stamp by House Mouse

More ideas for the same stamp:

Back in my eBay days, I belonged to a crafting group. One of the members’ daughters had given birth to a preemie… I stamped this image, colored it in with dark blue, light blue, turquoise, yellow, and red. I then added the sentiment ‘Tough Little Guy’ to it.

A man’s card for a wrestler or weightlifter… or perhaps a woman’s card for someone who has recently lost weight.

A thank you card ‘for a true lifesaver’.

A bag topper, stapled on top of a cello bag full of candy.

A card, tucked in a lunchbox or briefcase, reminding someone how strong you know they are… maybe as a good luck wish for an exam day or corporate meeting.

Card Size: 5×7 inches


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