Finger Spelling

What to read:  I Have a Sister, My Sister is Deaf by Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson.

Deaf people are just like you and I. They watch TV, go to school, and hang out with friends. The only thing deaf people can’t do is hear. Because they can’t hear, they ‘speak’ with their hands, using a special language called American Sign Language.

Imagine if the teacher turned to write on the board, but you could still ‘talk’ to your friends, by using your hands.

Deaf people can still ‘hear’ music through vibrations. Beethoven wsa a famous deaf man who wrote music and played the piano.

Some deaf people can ‘read lips’. By watching your mouth closely when you speak, they understand what you are saying.

There is a special telephone for deaf people. Words are typed on a screen so they can be read.

Below is the American Sign Language alphabet

Activities to try:

1)  Imagine you can not use your words. How would you tell people what you need?

2) Put in earplugs (or put on earmuffs). Put a radio on a hardwood floor. Can you feel the music?

3) Watch television, with closed captioning turned on. Is it easier or harder to understand what is going on?

4) Try spelling your name, a friend’s name, and one or two simple words using sign language.


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