Different Ways To Stamp Your Heart Out

    There are many stamping techniques. One way to get more use from your stamps is by using different techniques so the image appears a bit different each page. Here are a few basic techniques:

  1. Pop- Stamp a light-colored image. Using the same stamp and a darker color, stamp almost directly over the first image. Your picture will ‘pop’.
  2. Moving- Stamp an image. Without re-inking, stamp the back corner edge again and again so it ‘fades off’. This is great to create movement with animal stamps, but also a balloon or cloud, canoe, ball…. anything that can move.
  3. Pretty Marker- Use water-based magic markers to color the rubber part of the stamp (I like Crayola Washables, but you can use any brand). Breathe hard on the stamp to moisten the ink and then stamp your image on paper. This is nice for things like butterflies, flowers, clowns, anything you would like multicolored.
  4. Mask- If you want one image in front of another, here’s how: say I have two stamps, a boy and a dog. I want the dog behind the boy. I stamp the boy first on my paper. Then I stamp the boy on a piece of PostIt paper and cut him out. I stick him on my dried image, then stamp the dog right over the boy and let it all dry. When I peel off the PostIt ‘Mask’ , the boy is in front of the dog.

Remember, if you use permanent ink when stamping, you can also watercolor your designs.

I love rubber stamping, and hope you enjoy it as well!


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