Frappuccino Bottle Gift

Frappuccino Bottle for Grammie's Birthday

Frappuccino Bottle for Grammie's Birthday


I admit, once the temperature in Brooklyn rises, I chug at least two of those Starbucks bottled Frappuccinos a week. The papercrafter in me can’t just toss those beautiful bottles… so what to do with them? 

First, I peeled off the label and washed the bottle really well in hot water and a bit of bleach. Then I cut a big strip of paper and wrapped it around the bottle, then wrapped ribbon around it all. Hint: I used the flower on front to cover the ribbon ends/ seam.  I was (and am) grateful for Glue Dots, they stick paper to glass, plastic, and metal. I also used glue dots to put a piece of ribbon around the edge of the lid. 

I used a two-inch circle of paper to cover the lid. I love glitter and rhinestones, so I used bits here and there to dress it up. I found matching Hershey’s Kisses, since I made this around Easter time. 

These could be made in any color combination, and would be adorable as party favors. Imagine, blue and silver Kisses for a boy’s baby shower, or red and green at Christmastime. If you shop around, some stores have two different sized Frappuccino bottles. 




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3 responses to “Frappuccino Bottle Gift

  1. Hey, that was quick. Way to Go! welcome back to the blogging world. Looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous creations.

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